TOP 5 Rifle Upgrades You Should Never Forget

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The fighting rifle should be the mainstay of the preppers arsenal, as it has been the infantry’s mainstay stay since our country was founded. A fighting rifle is the best combination and compromise of range, precision, and power. Typical fighting rifles for preppers are rifles like the AR 15, the AK 47, and even the Ruger Ranch rifles. These rifles right out of the box of typically good fighting weapons, however, they can be improved. These five upgrades can elevate your rifle a step above the competition.

A weapon mounted light can make all the difference in the world when it comes to night and low light operations. A weapon mounted flashlight makes it possible to utilize light, while maintaining full control over your rifle. A weapon mounted flashlight allows the user to positively identify noncombatants and combatants.


A sling is essential for a rifle. You may find yourselves in situations where you have to use both hands to accomplish a task, and without a sling you’re forced to put your weapon down to continue. A sling can aid in retaining your weapon if someone tries to take it, or if you take a nasty fall your rifle will be stuck to your body.

Magazines are not necessarily and upgrade, but a requirement. However, you should choose the highest quality magazines available. This includes Magpul Pmags and Surefire magazines. The Magpul drum is one of the few that works effectively, and the Surefire 60 round magazine is sure to increase your firepower.

An Optic or scope can increase your overall accuracy and reduce the time needed to engage a target. A scope is easier to place on the target and faster than aligning iron sights. An optic can also offer magnification for the shooter, which allows for a clearer view of targets at distances past normal eye vision.

A foregrip aids in increasing overall control of the weapon. A traditional vertical foregrip makes it easier to use the weapon in extreme close quarters, and aids in controlling muzzle rise. An angled foregrip aids in using the popular C clamp method of firing a rifle to reduce muzzle rise. A foregrip makes firing weapons like the AK 47 more comfortable since the weapon is known to become very hot during extended firing.

These five simple upgrades can work together on a single rifle to ensure reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. While these optics are not necessary in the strictest sense of the word, they do make using a rifle much easier all around.


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