15 Amazing Tricks for Proper Food Storage

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Most of the fresh food you buy from the supermarket goes rotten in a couple of days and they become uneatable.

But I have found some secret ways for proper food storage so that you can keep you fruits, vegetables and herbs fresh for longer:

1. Strawberries can hold up to 2 weeks if they are mixed with vinegar

Put 100ml of vinegar into 1L of water and then put the strawberries into the mix. After a couple of hours remove and dry them, then store them into the fridge. By using this method they can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.

2. Brocoli, lettuce and stalks of celery can be protected with foil. This will increase the time they stay fresh for up to 4 weeks.

3. Keep your onions in stocking so that they can last up to 18 months, but make sure to keep them separate.

4. Baked nuts retain taste and last longer. Bake at a temperature of 220 degrees for 15 minutes and then store them in the refrigerator.300x100_smd_02

5. Incease the life of bananas with up to 5 days by wrapping the banana stalks with plastic foil

6.  Onion and potatoes together will deteriorate much faster – so keep them separate.

7. Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil


Mix Olive oil or sunflower oil with fresh herbs and freez them into an ice cube mold. When you are getting ready to cook something you can take out one cube.
8. A rotten fruit/ vegetable will destroy also all others. If you have one rotten fruit, remove them from the bowl/bag. The rot will tend to spread and destroy also the others.


9. Add butter onto cheese after you’ve finished eating. This will prevent that part of the cheese from going dry.


10. Keep potatoes with apples, this will slow the potatoes from sprouting.


11. Never store tomatoes in a plastic bag because they wil rot very quickly.


12. Perform a deep cleaning of your refrigerator whenever you notice a bad smell. If you have for ex a tomato that you forgot about don’t just throw it away. Clean the refrigerator as well, or else the bacteria will spread to other fruits/vegetables and the will rot much faster.


13. Store herbs in a plastic bag that is tied with rubber bands. This will make them stay fresh for a long time.


14. Store fresh ginger in the refrigerator. Ginger is best kept in the refrigerator in order to easier peel and chop it. This way you will also prolong its shelf life.


15. Mushroom are best kept into a paper bag. The plastic bag for mushrooms will prevent the humidity to exit and accelerate the process of rotting. With paper bag the moisture is released easier and so the mushrooms storage life is increased

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