Word of Caution – Learn Some Gun Basics

Gun Basics Training Gun Basics Training
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Gun ownership is on the rise, and with the rise of Gun culture 2.0 and the prepping movement we are getting tons of new gun owners. That’s great news, the more supporters of the second amendment we have the better. the only problem is a lot of these new shooters do not come from families with traditions of gun ownership. Many of these folks are firing weapons for the first time in their lives as adults, not a problem right? Well, many of these people do not know a few basic rules of gun handling. Here’s some Gun Basics that can help you out:

  1. Treat every weapons as if it is loaded. This is a bit hyperbolic, but remains true. A weapon should also be assumed to be loaded as soon as you pick it up. This is about learning good habits from the get go, if you handle the weapon unsafely when it’s unloaded, that habit will follow you with a loaded weapon.
  1. Never point a weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy. Read this one carefully before you say, what about when my gun is being pointed at the floor? You may not want to pop a round off in your floor, but, when faced with the option of your floor, or another person, what are you willing to shoot?


  1. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire. This is a big one, a very big one, for some reason the trigger is a magnet for fingers. Stop it! 100% of negligent discharges can be prevented by keeping the finger off the trigger. The finger only touches the trigger when the weapon is pointed at the target.
  1. Know your target and what lies beyond it. If you go out target practicing or training you need to know your bullets will go through paper. and can go anywhere. The same goes for self defense, bullet can go through walls, car doors, and even people, so be sure that before you pull the trigger your round is not putting anyone in danger.

If you can follow those four gun basics you can be safe with your firearm. Of course when you introduce children, live fire ranges, and self defense, there are more and more rules that should be followed. These four however, form the building blocks of safe gun ownership.


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