Pistol Caliber Carbines

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Pistol caliber carbines are an interesting series of firearms. They have recently become extremely popular, and are quite handy for a survivalist or prepper. Pistol caliber carbines are an odd mesh of rifle and pistol, taking some of the best and worst qualities for both, and coming up with something extremely handy.

The Upside

A PCC (Pistol caliber carbine) offers a few advantages over a traditional rifle. First and foremost the right rifle can share ammo, and even magazines with your chosen pistol. The Just Right Carbine takes Glock magazines and is available in 9mm and 40 S&W. The Kel Tec Sub 2000 has different models that can accept Glock magazines, S&W 59 magazines, and Beretta M9/92 magazines. A Rossi M92 Lever action rifle can use 357 Magnum rounds and share ammo with any 357 revolver.BlackoutUSA

Pcc’s also have very little recoil, and very easy to fire for nearly anyone regardless of size and strength. PCC’s are perfect for the smaller framed individuals. A pistol round is much easier to suppress than a rifle round, and offers less noise and concussion when firing indoors. Pistol caliber carbines are also often very lightweight and easy to carry, for example the Kel Tec Sub 2000 actually folds in half and can be carried easily.

The Downside

The disadvantages of pistol caliber carbines are immediately apparent. First off a pistol round can never really compare with a rifle round, even a magnum round is a poor fight stopper compared to a center fire rifle round. PCC’s also take a large cut in effective range, typically topping out at a 150 yards, compared to 300-500 yards for most semi auto rifles. Semi auto pistol calibers are also poor hunting rounds, but a 357 magnum (and up)is capable of small to medium game at close ranges.

The Only Side

If you are capable of using a rifle accurately, precisely, and handling it in a combat situation then I suggest a regular full size rifle. However, for those who have trouble handling regular rifles the PCC is an excellent option. The PCC is easy to handle, lightweight, and if you can’t handle a regular rifle, there aren’t many other options. The PCC is certainly a viable option for those with specific disabilities, and are becoming more and more popular, and easier to find.



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