How to Prepare Your Bug Out Bag for Fishing

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Fishing can be a very valuable source of nutrients in a survival situation. Fishing is often easier than hunting and can be done in an area that provides water as well. Fishing is quite simple and a simple fishing kit can be small enough to fit in a breath mint tin. It’s a very simple kit to build and can be kept in a bug out bag, and take up little room, and add a little weight to the pack. So what do you need for a tin can fishing kit?

Fishing Line – Fishing line is quite compact and when taken off the spool, and a large amount of it can be stored in an Altoids can. I suggest at least 50 yards, and even up to 100 yards.

Hooks – You’ll want a variety of different hooks and different sizes. I suggest having 5 larger hooks, ranging from 7/0 down to 3/0. Next you’ll need at least a dozen smaller hooks, varying in size from 1 to 5. A dozen is a minimum, but more is always better.300x100_smd_02

Weights – Gather a variety of weights, I suggest buying a kit with different weight size. Right now on Amazon I see a kit with weights ranging from 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, 2, and 3 for only 10 bucks. A couple of these will give you more than enough weights for fishing.

Barrel Swivels – Handy little devices for attaching hooks to line a dozen of these would be sufficient since they are somewhat optional for fishing.

What About bobbers?

Bobbers are handy for putting out multiple lines at one time, but they are big and take up a lot of rooms. Instead, you can use plastic bottles with lids. I doubt it will be very hard to find these around. They float and make simple, but easy bobbers.

What about Bait?BlackoutUSA

Bait is all around you. Grasshoppers, crickets, worms, dragon flies, minnows, it goes on and on. You can even use shiny objects like aluminum foil as bait.

What About a Rod?

This is easy, find a nice thick stick, or even use branches on trees to put out multiple lines to increase your chance of catching a fish.

Do you have any other tricks you can share??


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