4 Flood Preparation Safety Tips To Stay Alive

flood survival
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As both a native Floridian and someone who lives on the coast, floods are a disaster concern I take very seriously. Since America has such an open coastline this can be a major concern for most, and since flash floods and flooding in general can happen anywhere, it’s smart too have an emergency flood plan.

Flood Preparation and Safety Tips You Should Know 

1. Prior to the FloodBlackoutUSA
Floods can happen very quickly, so the more preparation you make before hand, means the less you’ll have to do once the rain starts falling. Prepare by building an emergency bug out bag, this is Prepping 101. However, a flood means you have to prepare your bug out bag for the flood, and this means waterproofing the internal goods and protecting them from water. You can waterproof with commercial camping and military waterproofing bags, or you can even use trash bags to waterproof vulnerable gear.

2. Rain Gear

Next you should have ponchos and rain gear ready and at hand. This means they should not be buried in your basement, or attic. You are going to find very quickly how cold the night gets when you are soaking wet. So I suggest a good raincoat or poncho, as well as a pair of rain boots.

3.  Get a radio

Most importantly have a get radio that can intercept emergency transmissions. As soon as a flood warning is issued, begin preparing to move. If you are moving with children this time is precious in making sure everyone is ready to move.

4. Have An Evacuation Plan
A good evacuation plan is also important; you should know where the flood zones are in your area and where the high ground is. You should also have a route planned beforehand that involves moving to high ground and avoiding flood zones as much as possible. Be ready to move on foot if the areas are overly flooded. Always avoid going through moving water, moving water can pull you under, knock you down, and is nearly impossible to move through swiftly.
Surviving a flood is as simple as plan, prepare, and execute. Flooding may not be a total SHTF situation, but the unprepared and those without a plan are the people who get trapped on roofs and are exposed to the elements, waiting for someone else to save them.

Do you have any other flood preparation tips we should add on?



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