EMP Attack Survival – How to Survive an EMP Attack on the Grid part 1

EMP Attack Survival EMP Attack Survival
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Imagine the today’s US society lining the every day life when suddenly everything stops and theĀ  TV, phone, refrigerator, internat, sewage treatment facilities, tap water, gas companies who provide heat and power stopped.

Imagine each going offline — permanently.

Imagine walmart, sears shelfs being empty, amazon and ebay down completelly, all the US food transport and delivery stopped. Forget about being upset that your ebay order is late, no orders will be delivered at all.
300 million poeple will survive only on what they have left in the frige and what they can get their hands on in the first hours after the disaster happens.

The panic will spread very fast and the help will come very late, if it will come at all.

Experts suggest that in the first minute of the EMP attack 250.000-550.000 people will die either from commercial flights, car crashes ( cars electronics will be fried and the car engine will stop) even tough the car is still moving.

Ok, so how can you survive an EMP attack on the grid?

1. Food and water are your main initial focus – If you tent to buy bottled water, do not throw away the bottles and caps, try to refill it with a near source of water. Here’s an article about unusual sources of water that you can find. Keep the water in a dark cool place. Do not use milk bottles for storing water unless you clean them well before.

Canned food is your best choice, but make sure you check the expiration dates.
The more supplies you have the more you will be able to survive in this situation. Preparing for emergency situations is a must, either we are talking about an EMP attack or an earthquake, tornado…

2. Medication – Try to allways have a typical medical kit around your house since that can be very usefull in cases like this. Also I advice everyone to attend a First Aid training course to learn the basics. This will put you way ahead of everybody since in this type of situation, even minor injuries can be deadly.

In case you have a serious illness and you need daily pills ALWAYS KEEP AT LEAST A ONE WEEK stock. Do not be one of those neglijent people and buy your pills in the last day before running out.

3. Heat and Light – Having a flashlight at hand is a must( try to store it in a Faraday Cage), or at least lots of candles arround. Propane fueled lamps help also.

4. Sanitation is a very important issue. The sewage system might not work so be very carefull about where you setup the toilet. If you have moisturized tissues , they can help, also using a towel dipped in water could be a good cleaning solution – just make sure you change the water after each bath.


I will continue with more details on part 2.


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